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Aluminium GRILL

At first glance Mahalaxmi AluGrill look similar to other security grill. But have a closer look. You'll soon notice that there are no visible joints-it looks and feels like the security grilles is made in one piece. Which is not far from the truth. Mahalaxmi AluGrill adds strength and good looks.

You can choose between the small aperture and the large aperture designs, Both are secure and economical - small aperture marginally more secure, large aperture marginally more economical. Both option are available as snaplock- a unique production process that make it possible to choose any colour to match a look fantastic!
  • Very High Security
  • Good Transparency
  • Excellent Air Flow
  • Heavy Duty Alumimium Frame & Grill
  • High Quality Anodized
  • 50+ Micron Powder Coating
  • Seamless Corner
  • More Than 300 Colour
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Low Maintenance

Non Corrosive : Made out of high quality MAHALAXMI ALUGRILL is rust-proof which makes it the best-suited protective and decorative solution for homes, offices, hospitals, hotels and other applications.

Tensile Strength : The high quality Aluminium alloy of MAHALAXMI ALUGRILL gives it a tensile strength as high as 18.45 kg. per sq. mm

MAHALAXMI ALUGRILL Also fixing window grills. Custom-made to suit with Anodized or Powder coated finish in More than 300 colours.

All Grills have a 5mm to 10mm Thickness. To obtain Maximum benefits from MAHALAXMI ALUGRILL All doors incorporate these grills should also Be Manufactured to comply with 6063 Alloy